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2017 Calendar

 Monday 6th February
Welcome back "What you did over the holiday period"

 You can enter up to 4 images, but they must be shot from December to 2nd February 2017 and can be  anything from a day at the beach to a Christmas Day lunch.
 It's about capturing the moment, not necessarily a great landscape, but they're okay too!

 REMINDER of new digital specs -  1920 x 1080 maximum 2mb
 Best Image = $25 voucher

 There will be short presentation on "Compostional Framing" by Brian and "Reframing in the viewfinder" by Danny

 Monday 13 February
 Novice Evening
Using your camera and other questions - Bring your camera and manual

 Monday 20th February
"Open Colour" and "Creative"
   4+4 photos. Maximum of 8 images
Judge:  Dan Pangrazzio

MARCH "10 for 10" Topics
 Door Knob

 Looking Up


 Only photos from Feb 15 - Mar 19 2017

 Monday 6th March
 Landscape Photography Lecture
 Speaker: Kieth Seidel

 Monday 13th March
 Postponed until 27th March

 Monday 20th March
 "10 for 10"
 2 Panel Judges: Julie Deer & Jan Pudney

 Monday 27th March
 Novice Evening
 Photo Presentation and Discussion

 Monday 3rd April
 Portrait presentation
 Guest Speaker: Lou Marafioti

 Sunday April 9th
 "City Photo Walk"
 Ebenezer Place, Adelaide 9 - noon
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 Monday 24th April
 "Landscape/Seascape" and "Photojournalism"
 Judge: Suzie Lipert

 Monday 8th May
 Macro Presentation
 Guest Speaker: David Rowlands
Monday 22nd May
 "Portrait and "Nature"
 Judge: Lou Marafioti

  Monday 5th June
 Flash & Lighting Lecture (including portraits)
 Speaker: Danny

 Monday 19th June
 "Open Mono" & "Creative"
 Judge: Peter Phillips

  Monday 10th July
 Photojournalism  Presentation
 Guest Speaker: Barry O'Brien

  Monday 24th July
 "Open Colour" & "Photojournalism"
 Judge: Suzanne Opitz

  Monday 7th August
 Workshop - Tonal curves, colour, B&W with Lightroom
 Bring a laptop to share with others in small groups

  Monday 21st August
 "People/Portraiture" & "Open Mono
 Judge: Andy Smylie

 Monday 11th September
 Travel Photography Lecture
Guest Speaker: Keith Seidel

 Monday 25th September
 "10 for 10"
10 different topics 1 photo for each topic!

 Monday 9th October
 Lecture: LandscapeNature/Audio Visual
 Guest Speaker: John Hodgson

Monday 30th Oct 
"Nature" & Sea/Landscape"
Judge: Chris Carter

 Monday 6th November
 Panoramic Photography Lecture
 Guest Speaker: Des Berwick

  SUNDAY 12th November
 Photo Hunt 
 Cancelled for this year

 Wednesday 22nd November
 End of Year Judging

 Monday 28th November
  Resizing & naming of files for competition
and Aperture workshop
 Back to Basics night - please bring your camera, lens or four and a tripod. 
If you can, please bring 3 objects to use to photograph, no larger than a water bottle and perhaps your laptop to view the effects.
And a laptop to view your images on the spot might help speed things up!

 11th December
 AGM and AWARDS Night


 As always this site is a work in progress.
 Times, activities and some dates may still be being organised.
 In fact they may well change throughout the year at our whim!

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